Jack of all trades and a master of some

Hi, I am Jan!

I am a Bachelor of Engineering in Hearing Technology and Audiology from Oldenburg, Germany. After graduating I changed careers and took a job working as a software and systems engineer at university. Besides creating custom-tailored software solutions for staff and students, I help in administering services and websites, and handle support requests. I am sort-of the go-to guy for everything tech-related.

I consider myself a nerd and tech enthusiast from head to toe. I have been a Mac user, linux user platform nomad for many years, have tinkered with all kinds of hardware and software, and am generally interested in everything from technology, gadgetry, and the web to photography, design, and user-experience. It is really hard to put a name to all the things I enjoy. This blog is an infrequent outlet of my general capacity for enthusiasm. As much as I wish it was more: consider it the scratchpad.

Getting in touch

On the off change that someone wants to contact me, you can reach me via hi@janw.xyz. If you enjoy the warming comfort of encrypted messaging, feel free to establish a chat via my Threema ID W6NE2HVM. After initial contact, we’d be able to switch to Signal. If you are into Apple stuff, you might as well try an iMessage to hi@janw.xyz.

If you have been using my PGP key in the past: that ship has sailed. Since I value the usability of the tools I use, I have decided against renewing the key and do not plan on using PGP anymore for the time being.