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Properly granting access to datasets in Jails and Plugins on FreeNAS

Recently I wanted a FreeNAS plugin (which are running inside FreeBSD jails) to access data on my storage pool. Reading is generally less of a problem with the default settings but when it comes to writing, problems may occur. By default, my media datasets are running with 775 permissions, therefore: The owner can read-write-execute The group can read-write-execute Others can…
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How to fix high ping times and packet loss on Ubiquiti's UniFi UAP-PRO

Recently I noticed connections through my Ubiquiti UAP-PRO access point would become terribly slow ever so often. At first I put it off as an interference problem but today I could not take it any longer. I took a look into the problem and now present a solution to help other UAP-PRO owners with such periodical slow connections. The problem:…
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Move your iOS device backups out of iCloud to your Mac

So you might have heard about how the FBI is currently trying to push Apple to decrypt information on an iOS device owned by one of the San Bernadino terrorists. I'm not well at explaining such events, but there are lots of reports on the case, and Gernot Poetsch wrote about the technical side of things. At the end of…
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Create a local Git repository to be used as a remote

A question that popped up a little more often lately in students I work with is how to use a local directory (for example on a backup or USB thumb drive) as a remote to another repository without utilizing a dedicated Git server. Many of the students are using a graphical Git client (such as SourceTree) to manage their repositories…
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